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MRN is a niche law firm that deals solely with legal costs. Since its inception in 2001, the firm has built up a reputation of providing quality advice in the area of legal costs. Whilst there are a fair number of law costs draftsmen throughout the country, MRN distinguishes itself on the following grounds:

  • MRN is a law firm and so is fully compliant with all the SRA requirements in terms of client care and quality assurance.
  • We offer a highly qualified and experienced team of costs experts.
  • We can offer a no-win-no-fee arrangement to our clients thereby significantly reducing any litigation risk with the costs process.
  • Our clients are able to share in the recovered assessment costs.
  • We work collaboratively, which means that our teams work hand in hand with our clients, effectively operating as their in-house department.
  • We provide a nationwide service.
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