What we do

Helping you find you the right outsourcing partners

The SOA provide solicitors with access to suppliers who specialise in providing outsourced services to the legal sector. Click here to find out about the services provided by our members.

Quality assurance

Each of the suppliers featured on this website are pre-approved members of the SOA. Membership is restricted to organisations that can provide recent references from satisfied firms of solicitors. References are followed up by the SOA before an application can be processed.

Maintaining our high standards

Members agree and understand that if a firm is dissatisfied in any way with the outsourcing services, there will be an investigation by the SOA, which may result in the membership being terminated.

Broadening our service portfolio

We are always keen to add to our portfolio of services. If you have an outsourced service that delivers a clear benefit to solicitors, we would be happy to hear from you. Please email chairman@thesoa.co.uk

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